CBT Assist Schedule of Fees

Therapy Appointment (up to 60 mins) - €80

*Audio Visual Conferencing Appointment  - AVCA (up to 60 mins)  - €75

Trauma Extended Appointment (90 mins) - €95

* Guided Self Help Session - €35

Clinical Supervision  - €75

* AVCA- If you choose this option, Anne-Marie will send you a link in advance of your appointment to access from your smart phone or computer/tablet. Once you click on the link at the allocated time, an audio appointment can be conducted using webcam if you so wish and where CBT material can be shared on screen

*30 minutes of guided self-help can be an option when symptoms are mild. Please discuss with Anne-Marie to see if this may be suitable for you


Payment is by bank transfer, cash or cheque. For online payment, please transfer the session fee 24 hours in advance of your booked session

Attendance Policy

The attendance policy in full will be shared with you prior to and  during the initial session. Please be advised a fee applies to late cancelled appointments